Improve Your Roof Without a Full Replacement

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Is your roof leaking? Your first thought might be that you need a brand-new roof. Thankfully, a roof re-covering service by MRG Roofing is available.

Roof re-coverings install a new roofing layer on top of an existing layer. We'll use your current brand of shingles for the additional layer you're looking for. Opting for a roof re-cover is a great way to repair your roof without paying for a full roof replacement.

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increase durability with reroofing services in Vancouver, Washington

The benefits of a roof re-cover

So why should you opt for a roof re-cover? Our roof re-coverings provide:

  • A cheaper alternative to a full roof replacement
  • Up to three layers of additional roofing
  • Take less time than a full replacement

If you're looking for a more convenient way to re-roof your home, a roof re-covering is the way to go. Secure a free estimate on your roof re-covering service today.

Here's more information about our roof re-covering process

If you're ready for a roof re-covering, here's what you need to know. We:

  • Provide free roof inspections: We'll let you know how long you can expect your current roof to last and if re-covering is an efficient option
  • Provide roof re-coverings on shingle roofs. (You can have up to three layers of shingles on your roof)
  • Don't tear off or replace anything: A roof re-covering will only add additional layers to your current roof
  • Work on shingle roofs and some flat roofs: For flat roofs, we are available for re-coverings on specific sections

Contact us today for more information on our roof re-covering process.

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